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Parndon Mill


Aug 10, 2017 - Sep 17, 2017

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At this time it is appropriate for The Gallery to present an exhibition of sculpture by Gerda Rubinstein to contribute to the celebration of Harlow’s 70th birthday. It is also the 100th exhibition at The Gallery. In 1958 Gerda moved from Amsterdam to London where in 1967 Pat Gibberd saw her work on exhibition and recommended it to the Harlow Arts Trust. She was commissioned to make City for Bishopsfield which was sited in April 1971. Other works in Harlow, bought by the Trust, include Screen outside Purford Green Infant School, Baby at William Martin Primary School and Julia at Sewell Harris Close at The Stow. She has also undertaken several commissions for the Gibberd Garden in Harlow including a portrait of Sir Frederick. The sculptures have developed from early carving in stone and then refractory brick, in which she carved negative shapes into which bronze was poured. She now concentrates on modelling in wax for small work or in clay for larger pieces, which are then cast in bronze or resin. Gerda explains: "My sculptures are almost always of people, getting my inspiration from where I live. I have also made portraits and modelled birds and animals. I hope that the work, which is generally figurative, will be self explanatory without the need for titles. Gerda's sculptures are very popular in the town. They are familiar, well appreciated and many inspire real affection


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