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Jiaodong Folk Window Paper cutting Art Exhibition

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Beecroft Art Gallery


Aug 19, 2017 - Aug 31, 2017



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No booking required | Tues - Sat, 10:00 - 17:00


Traditional Jiaodong window papercutting is widely distributed and its artistic form is usually expressed as the cultural symbol of China’s native philosophical concept of “images abstracting from observing”. Various types of cultural symbols reflected in papercutting works are the code to unlocking regional folk art symbols. In this exhibition, we have works such as “Butterflies”, “Tigers”, “Birds Paying Homage to the Phoenix”, and “Goldfish in a Big Ceramic Bowl”. The cultural symbols reflected in them demonstrate the importance of Chinese folk art to native culture and cultural heritage. The exhibition focuses on the analysis and discussion of the cultural symbols of “images abstracting from observing”, and implies that folk art is not only about appreciation of beauty, but about public cultural symbols for communication with unintentional symbolic meaning. Jiaodong window papercutting is unique in its artistic feature of story telling. It tells a complete story, like comic books, through several to dozens of works. The theme ranges from objects, to historical stories, myths and legends, sometimes idioms. The window papercutting production has close connections with cultural expression and aesthetic standards. Stories are vividly depicted in works like “The Cowherd and the Weaving Maid”, “Skeleton Demon”, “Madam White Snake”, “a Mouse Marriage”, “Lyu Dongbin playing the Peony”, which reflects people’s passion and praise towards life in the content and form of papercutting. It is this spontanous expression of cultural emotion that determines the diversity and richness of the papercutting art. Jiaodong window papercutting is unique in artistic form due to its distinct regional features. Ocean culture is widely depicted in papercutting, followed by farming culture. We can also detect the influence of scholar gentry in papercutting. The papercutting works used to be influenced by the window structure at that time. In traditional Chinese villages, windows mostly were of horizontal and vertical wood strip structure and some were lattice windows. Such papercutting patterns are commonly seen in people’s daily life as“Three bumper harvests picture”,“Treasure Bowl”,“Four blessings”. Papercutting art is the combination of inherent meaning and ausserliche form of cultural awareness. This exhibition highlights the essence of traditional Chinese folk culture through papercutting works of different themes and regions by way of metonymy.


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