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Events for 21 September 2017

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  • Brentwood Drama Festival

    Dates: Sep 20, 2017 - Sep 23, 2017
    Brentwood Theatre

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  • FERGUS HARE Cosmic Matters

    Dates: Sep 9, 2017 - Oct 7, 2017
    North House Gallery

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  • Glasshaus XII

    Dates: Sep 21, 2017 - Oct 29, 2017
    This year's glass exhibition, Glasshaus XII, will feature our home team, artists who have studios here at Parndon Mill, along with associates and other glass artists whom they have chosen to invite. Several of the artists are exhibiting pieces which have recently been shown in the prestigious British Glass Biennale. There will be blown, cast and kiln formed glass, all very different. Some spectacular pieces will be on view as well as useful ones. It will be an enjoyable exhibition.
    Parndon Mill

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  • Coastal Open

    Dates: Sep 14, 2017 - Oct 29, 2017
    The Eighth annual Coastal Open is a celebration of local artists. Part of Essex Summer of Art.
    Jaywick Martello Tower

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  • “Connections” at the Fry Art Gallery

    Dates: Sep 9, 2017 - Oct 29, 2017
    Fry Art Gallery

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  • Angenita Hardy-Teekens - Blueprints exhibition

    Dates: Sep 9, 2017 - Oct 31, 2017
    This exhibition is the result of a year long discovery and documentation of the flora of the Naze
    Naze Tower

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